Report Immigration Fraud: Trump Government Opens Website

Report Immigration Fraud: Trump Government Opens Website

The  government of President Donald Trump opened an Internet site on Tuesday  for “well-meaning people” to   Report immigration fraud,  which simplifies the sending of reports currently sent to three email accounts.

Just In: US Online Form To Report Fraud Immigations

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The new web form, which can be obtained from the public website  of the Immigration and Citizenship Service  (USCIS), asks the user what information the agency needs to  investigate cases of alleged fraudulent obtaining of benefits by immigrants. undocumented.

“Safeguarding the integrity of our migration system is a high priority for the Trump Administration and is central to the agency’s mission,” said Joseph Edlow, deputy director of USCIS, in a statement.

“One way to protect our immigration system is to make it easy for the public to report fraud and abuse. This new online complaint form makes fraud information more efficient and solid, (and) provides our agency with the information necessary for the investigation, ”he said.

The new digital form, Edlow added, “will help the other federal agencies we work with process immigration fraud.”

This form collects information about reported fraud, identifies the type of benefit obtained in a fraudulent manner, and leaves a space for the complainant to describe the alleged abuse in additional detail.

The system warns the complainant that the information he gives about himself “is voluntary.”

However, omission of information about your contact may impede USCIS’s ability to follow up on your complaint and take additional action. USCIS requires that you provide certain information about the subject of the complaint in order to verify your identity and allow USCIS to investigate and determine if the complaint warrants action, “he adds.

This new system replaces the three mailboxes that USCIS has used so far to report abuse and fraud, and the report form “will make the process more effective and efficient,” according to the agency.

USCIS noted that some of the complaints it receives are true and others are not, but the agency “needed a better way to collect the information and make an assessment.”

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