Fraud Immigration Offers For Canada – Avoid becoming a Victim

Fraud Immigration Offers For Canada – Avoid becoming a Victim

Do you want to go to Canada? then follow these recommendations so that you are not a victim of Fraud Immigration Offers For Canada.

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More and more Colombians are choosing Canada as a tourist, academic or to start a new life. This fact has caused fraudsters and hackers to post fraudulent messages on the Internet and in other media that guarantee visas and work for Colombians in Canada, scholarships, compensation of thousands of dollars, among others.

To avoid this type of repercussions, the Canadian Embassy in Colombia published a series of recommendations to avoid being a victim of immigration fraud, and we share them below:

Avoid becoming a victim of Fraud Immigration Offers For Canada?

The first thing you need to know is that you do not need to hire an immigration representative to file a visa application or a Canadian citizenship application.

Immigration representatives have no special connection to the Government of Canada officials, therefore they cannot guarantee your visa.

The only ones empowered to grant or deny a visa are authorized officials at Canadian embassies, high commissioners, and consulates.

Do not try to present false documents, as this will cause your application to be rejected.
Obtain official information only through the official website of the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration ( CIC ). From there you can download the forms and guides to apply for all types of visa free of charge.

The cost of each procedure (processing fees) is the same in all Canadian visa offices around the world. Processing fees expressed in local currency are calculated using official exchange rates and correspond to the amount in Canadian dollars.

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