Immigration Fraud: How to Avoid Becoming Victim

Immigration Fraud: How to Avoid Becoming Victim

Immigration fraud has always existed but when a new immigration reform is about to come out, criminals take advantage of the uncertainty and despair of undocumented migrants and offer them any benefits that do not exist, for money and in some way intensify and increase the number of victims of immigration fraud.

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We feel obliged to inform our community so that they avoid being victims of fraud, especially at this time that executive actions are being planned.

To avoid falling for scams, don’t be impatient first, take it easy and follow these tips:


  1. I recommend that you visit the website of the Immigration and Citizenship Service .
  2. If you need forms to carry out your process, these can be downloaded completely free from the website of the Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). DO NOT pay for forms.
  3. Watch news, not only on television are also on the Internet; even on social media there is information on all immigration issues.
  4. Do not believe in people who offer immigration benefits or in prizes won such as the visa lottery, with calls, emails or text messages to the cell phone many of them identify themselves as immigration agents or notaries, they ask for money and promise immigration relief that they do not they will comply.
  5. If you have a possible representative or lawyer, find out everything about him, you can look for information in the bar association of each state, for example in Washington, in California, Florida etc. You must be accredited and have a license to practice, ask for it and take time to verify it or visit the website, in the Lawyer Directory, Find the lawyer and they will give you information.
  6. There are many people who, in order to save money, look for notaries and processors to take their immigration case, without knowing that this is illegal and that they are not lawyers in this country.
  7. Always ask for a contract in writing and in your language, verify that it describes the services you will receive, the total cost of the process and the complete information of your lawyer.
  8. Make copies of all documents such as receipts, contracts and each of the papers you sign, never turn over original identification documents such as birth certificates, passports, etc.
  9. Be suspicious of your personal information and don’t provide it to anyone.
  10. Tell the truth, don’t give false information; This could delay the process and never sign a blank application as they could add terms that you did not agree with.
  11. Seek a second opinion to see if another attorney would recommend the same process for the benefit to which you are applying, if you are unsure of the process and if you are a victim of fraud report it to 1 (800) 952-5225
  12. Do not rush, from the eagerness there is nothing left but tiredness, confirm whether the information you are being given is adequate.

Be alert, if you become a victim, REPORT! This is a way to counter fraud for immigrants

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