How to Report Immigration Fraud?

How to Report Immigration Fraud?

Don’t be fooled by notaries, alleged immigration experts, and pastors who charge to complete immigration procedures.

According to state and federal authorities, only attorneys, nonprofits accredited by the Immigration Appeals Board, and individuals accredited by this organization are authorized to provide counseling on immigration matters. In this link you will find a list organized by state of all the accredited organizations and people in the country.

According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), only attorneys and accredited staff can:
-Give you advice on the forms you should send to immigration.
-Explain the options you have on an immigration case.
-And Contact USCIS about your case.
According to USCIS, unaccredited individuals who are providing these services are performing scams.

USCIS encourages people who feel they have been defrauded by immigration procedures to file a complaint with the following government agencies:

  • Texas Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee.

In this link you will find information to make your report online. You can also call this number (512) 427-1341 to request a complaint form in Spanish.

  • Texas State Attorney General’s Office
  •  Federal Trade Commission (FTC)


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